Teaching Staff

  • Mr Gary Parnaby

    Head Teacher

    I am Mr Parnaby, the Headteacher at Shilbottle Primary. I joined the school in January 2017 and consider myself very fortunate to work in such a great community. Our school is a very friendly and caring place. The children and staff in the school are a great team and are very supportive of each other. We are very lucky to have such supportive parents and organisations in the village which make it a great place to live and learn.

  • Miss Eleanora Harrison

    EYFS / Y1 teacher

    I am Miss Harrison, the reception class teacher My favourite subject is science, and I also enjoy teaching phonics. I have worked in Shilbottle for 15 years. There have been many changes at Shilbottle since I began teaching here, but the school team, the children and the village have always made it a friendly and fun place to work and learn. I lead science, PSHE and EYFS.

  • Mrs Rebecca Blackhall

    Year 3/4 teacher

    I am Mrs Blackhall. I love teaching all subjects and learning new things. This is my first year working at Shilbottle Primary as a class teacher, but I have previously enjoyed working here as an intervention tutor and I am very happy to be working in this friendly school once again. This year, I will be leading computing and languages.

  • Mrs Jill Collingwood

    Trainee Teacher

    I am Mrs Collingwood and I am a trainee teacher in Mrs Kelly's Year 2 class. My favourite subjects are History, Maths and Science. I am based at Shilbottle for my teacher training through Northumbria University. Shilbottle has been very welcoming and supportive as I begin my teaching career, I am excited to spend time in this amazing school.

  • Miss Lauren Thompson

    Trainee Teacher

    I am Miss Thompson, a trainee teacher with Year 5. Whilst I enjoy all the subjects in the curriculum, I have love of the STEM subjects. I have volunteered at Shilbottle for three years before starting my teacher training. Shilbottle Primary's positive school ethos is the reason I got into teaching, and I am looking forward to my journey here.

  • Mr Robert Phillips

    SENDCo / Year 6 teacher

    I am Mr Phillips, the Year 6 teacher and school SENDCo. I enjoy teaching all subjects and I am the subject lead for geography and history. I have lived in Shilbottle for 16 years and I have been teaching at Shilbottle Primary for 7 years. Shilbottle is a wonderful village with children who are full of curiosity and potential. The Shilbottle team are supportive and creative and make it a great place to work.

  • Mrs Amy Hunt

    Year 5 (KS1 Phase leader)

    I am Mrs Hunt the Year 5 teacher and English lead in school. My favourite subjects in the curriculum are Art and Design Technology as well as Science and Math. I have been teaching at Shilbottle Primary for over 4 years now and I find everyone here really friendly and caring. Shilbottle Primary is a very enjoyable school to work in.

  • Mrs Karen Kelly

    Year 2 teacher

    I am Mrs Kelly, the Year 1 and 2 teacher. I am the lead for Music, RE, Art and DT. I have been teaching at Shilbottle for 15 years. I love teaching here as it’s such a friendly and supportive place to work, with great children. My favourite subjects to teach are math, science and PE.