Governing Body at Shilbottle Primary

We have two Governing Body committees:

  1. Strategic, Curriculum, Policies and Safeguarding
  2. Resources, Finance, Building and Staffing

We work closely as a team particularly with the Headteacher and senior staff on a wide variety of tasks which include:

• developing a strategic plan for the school;
• determining school aims, policies and priorities;
• setting targets;
• monitoring and evaluating the work of the school;
• appointing staff;
• managing the budget;
• securing high levels of attendance and good standards of pupil behaviour;
• ensuring that all children in the school have access to a broad and balanced curriculum;
• ensuring the health and safety of pupils and staff.

This list may seem daunting (and a bit boring!) but we can honestly say that we really enjoy the huge satisfaction we get from seeing how rapidly the school is improving and feel valued for our part in it. We are a strong team with a variety of skills who work well together and have a shared commitment to continuing the journey together for the benefit of all our children in the future.

Meet our Governing Body

Mrs Emma Bryceland is our Chair of Governors and Mrs Moira Banks is our Vice Chair of Governors. We would like to introduce you to the other members and to the work that we do on behalf of the children.

  • Mrs Emma Bryceland

    Chair of Governors

    I am Emma Bryceland, parent and Chair of Governors at Shilbottle Primary. I joined the governing body when my daughter started the school in 2012. The last 10 years has seen many changes at the school but one thing I have seen consistently demonstrated is the passion and dedication of staff to provide the best experience of learning for every child who comes through the school. As a parent of two children who have gone through the school it is my privilege to work with the staff and governors and see that all involved embody our school motto - Every child matters to us.

  • Mrs Moira Banks

    Vice-Chair of Governor

    I am Mrs Banks and am very proud to have joined the governing body at Shilbottle Primary: I feel that we are a school where all children are known individually and there is a focus on ensuring they all receive the best educational opportunities possible in and outside of school.

    I have recently retired after working in education for over 30 years: during this time I worked as a teacher and senior leader in both primary and secondary schools, as well as working for a local authority as a School Improvement Officer. I have also served as a governor within two other primary schools and now really look forward to being a part of Shilbottle's journey.

  • Mr Gary Parnaby


    I am Mr Parnaby, the Headteacher at Shilbottle Primary. I joined the school in January 2017 and consider myself very fortunate to work in such a great community. Our school is a very friendly and caring place. The children and staff in the school are a great team and are very supportive of each other. We are also extremely fortunate to have such supportive parents and organisations in the village which make it a great place to live and learn.

  • Mrs Jenienne Hinchcliffe


    I am Jenienne Hinchcliffe, co-opted governor for Shilbottle Primary. I am looking forward to being part of the Governing Body as just joined in March 2022. As a parent of two children at the school I am very supportive and passionate about the educational journey that all of our children embark on within the school environment.

    My background is linked to Continual Professional Development and historically Early Years - I welcome the opportunity and hope to become an integral part of the team.
    Shilbottle Primary is an excellent school providing great teaching and learning - watching our children being nurtured is very rewarding as a parent.

  • Mrs Enid Scott


    I am Enid Scott and an Associate Member of the Governing, starting in March 2022. However, I have had a connection with the school for over 10 years, when I worked as the Clerk to the Governors. I am looking forward to visiting the children in the classrooms and perhaps learning something alongside them myself. I always enjoyed English, Geography and Languages at school. That might explain my love of travel.

    Now that I am retired, I am keen to use my time at Shilbottle to ensure that the children have every opportunity to experience and understand the world around them, and can enjoy learning and their time at Shilbottle Primary School.

  • Mrs Vickie Allen


    My name is Vickie Allen. I started my teaching career in 2001 at a large primary school in County Durham. I think it gave me the best start to my educational career that I could have ever asked for. After a period of travelling abroad in Thailand and Australia, I moved to Northumberland. My current professional role is a Head teacher in a local primary school. I hope my skill-set and experience in school leadership and life, can bring something valuable to the board here at Shilbottle.

  • Mrs Amy Hunt

    Staff Governor

    I am Mrs Hunt the Year 3 teacher and staff Governor. My favourite subjects in the curriculum are Art and Design Technology as well as science and math. I have been teaching at Shilbottle Primary for over 2 years now and I find everyone here really friendly and caring. Shilbottle Primary is a very enjoyable school to work in.

Governing Body Minutes of Meetings
Agendas and minutes of meetings of the governing body and its committees are available on request.
(NB this will exclude information that is properly regarded as private to the meetings).