Friendly Frogs Pre-School


(Shilbottle Pre-School & Nursery)

Telephone: 01665 581377  

Shilbottle Primary is home to Friendly Frogs (an independent onsite pre-school & Nursery) which means your children become familiar with the school environment from the age of 1, with before and after school care also available.  

We provide a pre-school setting for children from 1 year old to 4 years old (5 days a week). 

Opening hours: 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Well-established partnerships are in place and children enjoy activities, such as joint outdoor sessions with Reception class and their teacher throughout the year.  Children have very good opportunities to learn outdoors. They learn how to recognise risks and potential hazards and engage in activities that extend their curiosity and desire to learn. This has a positive impact on their all-round development.       

At Friendly Frogs, we provide a friendly, comfortable and safe environment which the children find stimulating and challenging, where enjoyment and fun are linked with discovery and learning — Come and see for yourself!



 Children have an excellent time in the visually stimulating and highly enabling learning environment. A wealth of resources, which are attractively displayed, support children in their learning across all areas” [Ofsted 2015]

“The atmosphere within the pre-school is calm and purposeful. Children are entirely engaged during their play. This is a direct result of the highly skilled staff team who plan a rich and varied educational programme that excites and intrigues the children” [Ofsted 2015]

“Staff safeguard children exceptionally well. All staff are well versed in the procedure to follow should they have any concerns with regards to child protection. The pre-school is safe and secure and children are supervised very well” [Ofsted 2015]

“Children have excellent opportunities to explore outdoors. They have access to a range of well-equipped outdoor spaces that support and challenge their physical skills. Children are given responsibility for their own safety. For example, they complete risk assessments of particular activities or equipment, giving them powerful learning opportunities to consider risks and how to stay safe” [Ofsted 2015]

“Children behave exceptionally well. They display excellent friendships with one another and demonstrate an outstanding ability to manage their behaviour effectively” [Ofsted 2015]