Reading Stars - July 2016

In April 2016 we introduced Accelerated Reader into school.  Our children have embraced this and everyone is keen to read and quiz - the enthusiasm is fantastic.
Since April, as a school, we have read an amazing 5,578,293 words and successfully passed 1,898 quizzes [which shows we're understanding what we are reading].
Some of reception class joined Accelerated  Reader after 1/2 term - so far they have read at least 30,505 words and passed 218 quizzes!  Finn [6,371], Eva [5,538], Amelia [4,833] & Matthew [2,790] are our top word counts with Amelia being our superstar quizzer with 29 quizzes passed.
In Year One, a few children started Accelerated Reader in April and by the end of term all of Year One were able to quiz.  Year One have read 305,314 words between them and passed 416 quizzes!  Orla [59,516], Euan [38,775], Isabella [34,784] and Lillie-May [30,477] are our top word counts with Pawasdee being our superstar quizzer with 34 quizzes passed.
In Year Two, everyone has read and quizzed since April - they have read an amazing 912,546 words between them and passed 443 quizzes!  Joshua [249,426], Harriet [68,382], Hannah [66,023] and Sian [63,697] are the top word counts with Charlotte being our superstar quizzer with 35 quizzes passed.
Year Three have read 995,496 words and passed 558 quizzes since April.  Freya [127,445], Finlay [127,373], Ben [97,085] and Isobelle [91,377] are the top word counts with Gracie being our superstar quizzer with 32 quizzes passed.
Year Four read lots of thicker books and have read at least 3,334,432 words since April and passed 263 quizzes.  Tilly-Jo with a phenomenal 713,254 words, Joseph [564,835], Faye [302,117] and Eleanor [228,012] are the top word counts with Kylie being our superstar quizzer with 27 quizzes passed.
How many words do you think we will have read by December 2016?