Below are a selection of comments (from our children ranging from Reception to Year 6) about the children`s remote learning experience.
"I liked making feelings monsters." - Jaxon M 
"I made a baby turtle with googly eyes - you sent all the bits home for us." - Clayton B 
"I like the rainforest work and practicing my handwriting.  We also grew a plant as part of our science work." - Serenna J 
"It was good because it was challenging and the geography  was interesting.  I liked the story writing form English." - Jasmine H
"I loved it because it was fun to do be doing work again." - Ciara H
"I enjoyed doing the eggshell experiment when we were learning about teeth." - Finn D
"When we were doing our remote learning we got stress balls, colouring pencils, tape measures and lots of science experiment equipment.  The quizzes at the end of the week were good too." - Erin A 
"The English was good as I learned all about tenses, passive sentences and lots of punctuation.  The extras, including the videos were really helpful too!" - Isabella M 
"I like the amount of work as I did not feel overwhelmed but it kept me busy and there was always a video to help." - Indie D 
"I liked the use of the support videos as they explained how you could complete the tasks." - Lana C