Admissions Policy

Please refer to Northumberland County Council’s Education booklet for detailed information on admissions.

Northumberland County Council School Admissions

Where possible, our practice is to admit children to the Early Years Foundation Stage in Reception class the term after their 4th Birthday.  This is dependent on the current number [and needs] of pupils in the Reception class and varies from year to year.

Children who are 4 years old before December 31st may be admitted 5 sessions a week to school as Pre-Reception children from January [space permitting].

Children who are 4 years old before March 31st may be admitted 5 sessions a week from April [space permitting].

Children whose birthdays fall before September 1st will be admitted full time into the Reception Class in September.

Transfer from other schools

As long as there are places available, we welcome new children into school over the course of the year.  Parents and Carers who wish their children to join the school mid-year may submit an application by completing an ‘In Year’ application form available from or the school office. 

Please return your completed form to:

The School Admissions Team
County Hall,
NE61 2EF

Telephone: 01670 624889

Parents will be informed by County if a place is available for their children.