10 Non-negotiables we offer children

As a staff we have come up with this list of ‘non-negotiables’ - a set of opportunities, in no particular order, that we pledge to provide for every child in our school.

Every child will:


  • be able to learn in an environment where everyone is respected and valued
  • be rewarded for trying their best, helping others and working hard
  • play and learn in the optimum learning environment, both inside and outdoors
  • perform in plays at school 
  • be offered the opportunity in Key Stage 2 to take part in adventurous and cultural residential experiences 
  • learn to play an instrument as part of their music lessons and peripatetic music lessons for those who wish
  • have the opportunity to take part in sporting activities, festivals and competitions with other schools.
  • grow and tend vegetables, fruit and flowers in the school garden as part of the Healthy Schools initiative
  • be made aware of the importance of e-safety and how to use the internet safely and respectfully
  • take part in celebrations in our local church including Harvest, Christmas and Easter